silicon_0015_g-tradeInternational trade is one of our key businesses and main source of revenue. Following are the commodities that we deal in:

  • Minerals, metal ores, mineral fuels etc
  • Oils, distillation products, etc.
  • Electrical, electronic equipment
  • Machinery, heavy industrial etc.
  • Vehicles, construction vehicles
  • Plastics, polymers and articles thereof
  • Optical, photo, technical, medical, etc.
  • Iron and steel, metal scrap
  • Organic chemicals
  • Gems, precious stones etc.

Along with the direct trading as end-buyer or supplier, we also provide the trade facilitation services to our clients. Following are the reasons why we excel in the trading business:

  • Complete trade tracking
    Our in-house trading and conveyancing teams complete your trade from pick-up to clearance of goods.
    Online system shows what stages of trade have been completed and a detailed history of all our trading activity.
  • Knowledge and experience
    Through the field specific experienced employees and partners we have decades of knowledge and experience in the trading industry.
  • Safety and Security
    Safety is our key business value and utmost measures are in place to ensure safety of our workers involved in complete trade supply chain. Our trade facilitation systems, premises and warehouses are safe and are monitored 24×7.
  • Compliance to rules and standards
    We believe in fair trade, compliance to all national and international trading rules, and maintain transparency in our records for any post clearance audits and law enforcement agencies facilitation.

We enjoy having trading clients and affiliates spread across 6 continents. We are also a member or having representation at numerous trading online forums and groups. We encourage open dialogue and would be happy top respond to any queries relating to our trade business.

The details of our logistics services are also available on our website.