silicon_0011_pm4Over the past decade, we have diversified our business and expanded both horizontally and vertically. Today Silicon Ways is registered company with headquarters in Islamabad, Pakistan and operational offices across the globe. Following are the details of our key business sectors:

Trade and Logistics

We are actively involved in trading (import/export) and trade facilitation of multiple commodities naming a few are mineral ores, petroleum products, chemicals, industrial machinery, furniture, household accessories and cranes. Learn more about our trade and logistics by clicking here.

Project Management

Being at the heart of our new initiatives and development, project management is our winning service that is also extended to our clients. Be it in the Construction, Information Technology or Industrial field, our experienced project managers extends their capabilities to clients from inception to successful delivery and hand over of projects.

Information Technology

As IT solutions provider, we believe that the job of the technologist is to de-mystify technology for the layman. Our goal is to make IT understandable, to make IT common practice, and to make IT something that you can depend on, for the customer facing, employee facing, and partner facing facets of your enterprise.

Construction, Engineering and Interiors

We specialize in the strategic development, planning, management and delivery of retail and commercial Interior & construction projects. With a complete self-owned experienced staff, we ensure timely, quality delivery always exceeding the clients satisfaction.


We extract valuableĀ mineralsĀ and metal ores from our leased/contracted mines spread across various parts of Pakistan. Having our own arrangements for ore inspection, testing and grading, we ensure that the quality of final product is matching the required specifications. .

Copper Ore Upgrading

We are the final stages of setting up plants for upgrading the cooper ore from lower (4) to higher (25) percentage. The initial plant is having the capacity of processing 250 MT per day. Our upcoming projects will increase our capacity to 500 MT per day by introduction of additional plants.