silicon_0026_chrman-msg2“Welcome to Silicon Ways, name of a reliable, progressive trading and future technology company.

The global economy is undergoing a period of great transformation. Growth and survival in this environment demands recognition of opportunities as well as challenges. It requires understanding of the strategic big picture. And, critically, it demands insights into the ways in which technology can affect operational decisions, implementation and productivity.

I realized the need of building a company that covers complete technology spectrum back in year 2001. It is a company that extracts natural elements from my mineral rich home country, process the elements, enhance those, consume/trade elements for making advanced technological solutions. My extremely competent management team with multi-disciplinary experience in various industries helped me shaping the overall business and devising the value out of it.

Today we do business related to multiple fields and industries. At Silicon Ways we believe in power of people. These people are our passionate staff, our management, our customers and stakeholders. We strive hard to pay back best to the people associated with us and also our community that have given us everything that we have today.

I see a very bright future for Silicon Ways and see it named along with leading businesses of the world in coming years.”

Dr. Zia Ul Haq,
Founder /Chairman,
Silicon Ways