silicon_0025_mgt-teamProviding of Project & Program Management services and Portfolio Consulting is one of our core competency. We specialize and have a successful track record of project management.

Methodology and quality assurance are common concepts in the world of Project Management. Many organizations maintain and aspire to follow a methodology and assure quality, but few are able to follow through. Through the use of our Project Management & Program Management standard,, Silicon Ways is one of the very few organizations that guarantees adherence to your internal Project Management Methodology – and consistently delivers – proven and measurable Project, Program and Portfolio results.

When engaged to manage a Project, we assign a project team that consists of a tenured, experienced, certified Project Manager (PMP), a certified Program Manager (PGMP/Prince 2 Practitioner), and an Account Manager- all at our highly competitive cost. Our Project team employs proven approaches to Project Management through the use of our Project Management, Program Management & Portfolio Management tool kits, which include the daily auditing of activities, schedules, and deliverables to ensure consistent, measurable results.

Our related services are Portfolio Management focused and have been developed from our years of experience and lessons learned while successfully delivering our products and Projects for our clients.